more green fest pest


just a snippet of the rest of our decorations for the green festival!

recycled bicycle tyre dream catchers! (nb must be hung by expert tree climbing ladder technician! haha )



Signs made from reclaimed wood!:


there was a bunch more i could show you, i should have taken less time getting drunk in the sun and more taking photos!

Here’s some images by Rebecca of the decorations we did with 2 other friends for the Green Festival in Newcastle. It’s a 2 day family festival with a GREEN THEME and is community run and funded, which meant we had to make stuff on a budget of £0.

It was tonnes of fun, especially since it was an unusually sunny weekend for the North of England.

It was also nice to be making things with my hands and not with a computer in front of my face. I got a massive kick out of making the wooden signs and I’ve got a few  little woodwork projects lined up for the future! 

New ideas coming outta my head.

New ideas coming outta my head.

Photos from yesterday’s filming for a Superglad Ad. It was tonnes and tonnes of fun. Makes me want to do lots more hands on, big-scale painting and making stuff again.

Last night I slept for 10 hours though, It was exhausting! but hopefully totally worth it. Not sure when the final product will be available for your viewing pleasure but keep your disgusting beady eyes on this blog.

Hi there friends and foes! Do you like art? of course you like art. 
Do you like helping Palestinian refugees? Of course you do!

Two of my bestest pals are travelling to Beirut to work with refugees there. In case you’ve never seen one of these places [google it] they are huge maze-like camps filled with concrete houses….the goal is to work with the young people to bring art to these streets. The refugees themselves will come up with work that represents the struggles they have faced as well as being a symbol of hope for the future. Check out the Shatila page for more info.

The great part is that to raise money Faye has managed to coerce loads of great street artists [and normal artists] to donate work. And YOU can bid on them. Click through to the ebay charity page to check some of it out. Artists like Tara McPherson, craww, D*face, Word To Mother, etc etc. There’s a great mix of prints and originals sooo really you should all head over to the Ebay page RIGHT NOW [new pieces being uploaded every ten mins] and check out what you want to bid on. It ends in 7 days. 

Hey there nerds and turds! I have drewn this little man for badges and such, to be distributed at Saturdays event [there’s talk of a special edition TURPSMAG baggy filled with items of joy and there is also talk of sideshow champions receiving items of joy. Or maybe if you just ask me I will give you one because I will most likely be drunk and easily taken advantage of, but I can’t say the same for the other items of joy.] 

I’d like to know if you have any colour preferences? At first I just liked the good-old-BOLD outline but maybe he should be a colour. THOUGHTS? 

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