Hi there friends and foes! Do you like art? of course you like art. 
Do you like helping Palestinian refugees? Of course you do!

Two of my bestest pals are travelling to Beirut to work with refugees there. In case you’ve never seen one of these places [google it] they are huge maze-like camps filled with concrete houses….the goal is to work with the young people to bring art to these streets. The refugees themselves will come up with work that represents the struggles they have faced as well as being a symbol of hope for the future. Check out the Shatila page for more info.

The great part is that to raise money Faye has managed to coerce loads of great street artists [and normal artists] to donate work. And YOU can bid on them. Click through to the ebay charity page to check some of it out. Artists like Tara McPherson, craww, D*face, Word To Mother, etc etc. There’s a great mix of prints and originals sooo really you should all head over to the Ebay page RIGHT NOW [new pieces being uploaded every ten mins] and check out what you want to bid on. It ends in 7 days.